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Our next meeting will take place on Saturday, 25 June at 10:00.

MOC Competition – monocolour build

Build anything using only one colour. Rules:
1.) Only one additional shade close to your main colour can be used. (Eg. bright Yellow & Trans Yellow)
2.) A base plate of a different colour may be used for presentation purposes only.
3.) Filler/ support parts of other colours can be used inside the build, but cannot be visible in any way on the end product.
4.) No limit to the amount of parts used.
5.) Your build must be captioned, so people know what it is.
6.) Must be your own creation.
7.) Only one entry per person.
8.) No printed parts

Remember to bring any sets you’d like to show off, as well as sets or parts you’d like to sell.

First-time visitors are welcome, but must join to continue to attend meetings.