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Willowbridge 2019:  Easter Display | Details for Exhibitors


  • CapeLUG, members of the CapeLUG EXCO and other CapeLUG members, Willowbridge and LEGO® SA do not take any responsibility for your safety, your displayed and personal items. We will take precautions within our control to prevent any incidents and/or theft of goods but you will ultimately remain responsible for looking after your goods.

Your display

  • Please set up according to the layout and on the table numbers allocated to you.
  • Setup starts at 06:00, and we’d like everyone to be set up by 08:00 on Saturday.
  • You are expected to stay until at least 16:00 on Saturday.
  • Please bring sufficient batteries for your sets.
  • There will be electricity for those who requested, but please still bring an extra extension cord and multi-plug.
  • Try to maintain a theme to fill your table with (Technic, race cars, etc); avoid a random selection of sets (one Star Wars with one Friends, for example).
  • MOC’s – a central theme is great but not as necessary as with sets. MOC’s tend to have a story and we encourage you to draw the public in and tell them about your build. Be proud of your creation and demonstrate the small hidden gems in your display.
  • You are an ambassador of your LUG and the LEGO® community, tell them about your hobby and why you love LEGO®. Be respectful, and don’t be a smart Alec.
  • We have Do Not Touch signs, which will be placed throughout the display.
  • No personal sales of LEGO® will be allowed at the Exhibition. Tables are only for display purposes.
  • No personal sound systems are allowed on your tables.
  • ONLY genuine LEGO® will be allowed to be on display.

The location

  • The Exhibition takes place at Willowbridge Mall (see map below).
  • The Exhibition is located in the new displaying area (in front of Capitec) as well as in front of the Kiddiwinks shop. The entrance leading to Kiddiwinks will be the best to use.
  • You may use the parking closest to the entrance of Kiddiwinks while setting up, but please move your car after setting up. We have a limited number of parking tickets available.

What to bring

  • Bring your own chair. Camping chairs are more comfortable but impact space. A bar stool makes repeated standing and sitting much easier.
  • You are also welcome to bring your own cooler with food and drinks and coffee flask. The centre does have lots of restaurants and supermarkets should you want to buy food at the venue.
  • Your wallet!
  • Your nametag.
  • Wear your CapeLUG t-shirt.
  • A jacket.


  • Do not consume any alcohol during display hours. You will be interacting wit the public and smelling of alcohol will not be the image we would like to send to the public, mall management and LEGO® SA.
  • You are welcome to bring spouses and children. You will be responsible for their entertainment and well being.

Exhibition layout

Download layout >