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We hold monthly meetings with interesting talks about LEGO® and building, competitions, build-offs, games, MOC-exhibitions, trade and sell, and socialisation.

Members must be 18 years or older, attend at least 2 LUG meetings per year, and display at 1 LUG event per year

Meetings will be held in the Cape Town area but special events such as public exhibitions may take place across the Western Cape.

Meetings and exhibitions take place on Saturdays, so if you want to join but this is likely to be a problem please get in touch with us via email.

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Terms and conditions

Membership runs from January to December. Membership can be paid once-off at R500, or in two installments (month of joining and July) of R250.

Members who join the LUG after 1 July pay 50% of the annual membership fee. Only paid members may attend and participate in LUG meetings, or serve on the CapeLUG committee.

Individual information regarding annual LEGO® spend will be kept as confidential information. The total will be calculated for the entire LUG and the information will be one of the submissions used when promoting our LUG to host events on behalf of sponsors.

All paid up members will have access to financial statements at LUG meetings. Fees will be used to cover expenses that may include, but are not limited to advertising, branding, website hosting, annual domain registration, banking costs and other incidentals incurred in the running of the LUG. Other expenses may include buying of sets as prizes for competitions. Other suggestions for the application of fees will be voted for by paid members at LUG meetings.

We are committed to keep our operating costs to an absolute minimum to ensure that we are able to give every paying member the maximum amount of benefits possible.

Membership fees must be paid by EFT. Please use your initials and surname as the reference, and email the proof of payment to exco@capelug.co.za. Your membership will be confirmed within 48 hours after your payment clears through our bank account.

Banking details:

First National Bank (FNB)
Cheque account
Branch: 250655

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