Our second meeting took place on 22 April 2017.

Our guest speaker, Michelle Bungey, told us about LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® – a way of using LEGO as part of team building, problem-solving, and strategising in the business world. Her talk was very interesting and we were all very happy when we got to build something as part of the demonstration.

We also had our first MOC-competition at the meeting. Builders were asked to create a scene or vehicle for any of the Collectable Minifigures produced to date to represent that Minifigure. Barry, who also built our amazing trophy, was the winner with his Batman-inspired MOC, making him the first member of our MOC Hall of Fame.

Lukas was the winner of our LEGO-themed general knowledge quiz. He showed off his MOC based on the comedy series Mystery Theater 3000.

Lukas and mom, Kim, with his MOC.

Glenn brought along some of his Star Wars models and MOCs.

Thank you to Michelle for her interesting talk (you can get in touch with her here), and to Malcolm (Builders Emporium on BrickLink) for providing a venue for the meeting.