Over the weekend of 28 & 29 April we held our first exhibition for 2018 at Willowbridge Shopping Centre, hosted by Kiddiwinks.

Joining us for the weekend was a group of zaLUG members who drove all the way from Johannesburg to display with us.

The exhibition was bigger and better than our previous one in September 2017, with much more amazing LEGO® creations to see. Displays ranged from big and small LEGO® produced sets, as well as a number of MOCs (My Own Creation) built by the LUG members. The exhibition was divided into two sections.

Section one outside the Kiddiwinks store displayed a wide variety of Star Wars sets including the UCS Millennium Falcon – the largest set to be brought out by LEGO® to date.  There were also Architecture sets such as the London Bridge, Sydney Opera and the Taj Mahal in all its splendour. Alongside this was the Saturn V Rocket and Women of NASA LEGO® Ideas sets.

On the next table was the awesome LEGO® City that showed off a number of Creator Modular sets, the Ghost Busters Firehouse, and Batman Museum (MOC) with vehicles and minifgures going about their business. Accompanying the city was a park where the minifigures were happily enjoying a concert by the Batman Band and taking a fun ride on the Ferris wheel.

The city was enclosed by train track where two trains took turns to drive around. At the far end of the city visitors could behold the Cowboy Village and Native Indian camp. Also with a train that travelled around the Cowboy Village and through the tunnel carved onto the monolithic mountain.

Section two consisted of a number of individual displays. As you walked in from the entrance you were awe struck by the some amazing MOCs brought down from Johannesburg. These included an incredible Country Farm House, a Jurassic Park scene, and a farm scene. Going up on each side, people were entranced by LEGO® Technic builds (including Darth Vader riding a motorbike), and Creator vehicles, such as the Mini cooper, London Bus, VW Camper and their mini counterparts. Kids were thrilled to see Disney Princess sets and the beautiful Disney Castle. At the top of the table one could see Pirate Ships of all kinds, a great display of Ninjago and Lord of the Rings sets.

The public had a lot of fun with our competition where they had to search the LEGO® City for the CapeLUG minifigures. People were really excited to find them and then to see the actual person.

We had an overwhelming response from visitors. Here are some comments from our Facebook page.

“We had such a great time at your exhibition today. It was so much fun (a bonus) to read that we needed to find these Cape LUG minifigures! Game on!”  – Amanda Schade

“Brilliant exhibition; our kids loved every minute of it. Can’t wait for the next one.” – Grant Johnson

 “Thanks for the amazing exhibition guys! Was 100% worth driving through from Wellington. And I’m deeply envious of all your amazing Lego & builds” – Cindy De Bruyn

“We Loved the LEGO exhibition today, Thank you to all the Master builders for allowing us to see your works of art, was a delight for the whole family!” – Alecia Miller Barnard

“Exhibition was amazing, my son and I enjoyed it a lot. Our favourite minifigure was Barry – he is the coolest of them all!” – Kobus Botha

“Our favourite CapeLUG figure was definitely Marick riding a bicycle” – Kate Morrison

“Me and my family loved the LEGO exhibition today!! We liked Patryk the most due to his cool hair on top of the roof of Al’s barbershop and flats (however Patryk in real life wears a hat, I took a pic with him to proof it 😂).” – Maryka Meldau

We would like to say THANK YOU to our friends from zaLUG who made the long drive down to our fairest Cape to exhibit their amazing displays with CapeLUG. We all had a blast and look forward to even bigger and better exhibitions to come. Big thanks also goes out to Kiddiwinks and the team at Willowbridge for making the exhibition possible, and to LEGO® South Africa for sponsoring prizes for our visitors.

Photos are by zaLUG member, Kin. Thank you Kin!

View more photos of the weekend on Facebook