Brick Saturday

On Saturday, 30 November 2019 CapeLUG displayed at Willowbridge Shopping Centre, in association with Kiddiwinks. Click the photos below to view them

Brick Saturday2019-12-16T19:42:28+02:00

Bricks Showcase

On Saturday, 21 September 2019, CapeLUG members exhibited at CapeGate Shopping Centre. Click the photos below to view them in fullscreen, or

Bricks Showcase2019-12-16T19:43:12+02:00

August 2019 meeting

At the August 2019 meeting the MOC theme was build a minifigure vehicle. Builders could choose any CMF from series 1-18 and

August 2019 meeting2019-09-01T14:43:49+02:00

Seaside Village Exhibition

On Saturday, 27 July 2019 CapeLUG members displayed at the Seaside Village Shopping Centre. The exhibition was presented in association with The

Seaside Village Exhibition2019-08-20T11:31:46+02:00

May 2019 Meeting

At the May meeting the MOC theme was a monocolour build. Builders weren't limited on size or number of parts, but could

May 2019 Meeting2019-09-01T14:38:10+02:00

BlockBlaze: Madeleine

BlockBlaze visited CapeLUG member Madeleine Carlsson. Check out her collection below.

BlockBlaze: Madeleine2019-09-01T14:57:39+02:00

BlockBlaze: Johan

BlockBlaze visited CapeLUG member Johan Kamfer. Check out his Star Wars collection below.

BlockBlaze: Johan2019-09-01T14:53:14+02:00

BlockBlaze: Petrus

BlockBlaze visited CapeLUG member Petrus Stadler. Check out his Wild West MOCs below.

BlockBlaze: Petrus2019-07-08T19:41:27+02:00

BlockBlaze: Allan

BlockBlaze visited CapeLUG member Allan Taylor. Watch the video below.

BlockBlaze: Allan2019-06-24T18:36:21+02:00

BlockBlaze: Marick

BlockBlaze visited CapeLUG founder Marick Hornsveld. Watch the video below.

BlockBlaze: Marick2019-06-24T18:43:39+02:00