Say hello to CapeLUG

CapeLUG is a community of Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) in the Western Cape. Our guiding principles are: Build to your heart’s

Say hello to CapeLUG2017-01-27T11:24:50+02:00

What is a LUG?

A LUG (or Lego User Group) is, according to the LEGO Ambassador Network documents: A group of individuals who are passionate about

What is a LUG?2017-01-17T06:44:03+02:00

LUGs in South Africa

zaLUG, which is based in Gauteng, was established in 2016 and after months of hard work, became South Africa (and Africa’s) first

LUGs in South Africa2018-05-02T20:17:16+02:00
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