Sponsors and partners

Kiddiwinks is our exhibition co-host.
Kangaroo Digital sponsored the purchase of images used on the website.

More LUGs in SA

South Africa’s first Recognised LEGO® User Group. An AFOL community based in Gauteng.
JhbLUG is a LEGO® User Group based out of Gauteng Johannesburg in South Africa.
SAFOLs is a South African RLOC (Recognised LEGO® Online Community) where people can share their love for, and knowledge of LEGO®.

South African media

Brickfair is the premier LEGO® fan event in South Africa held annually in Pretoria.
BlockBlaze is a YouTube series dedicated to the incredible LEGO® AFOL community around South Africa. We’re talking to Adult Fans of LEGO® from all over about their passion for LEGO®, what got them into the hobby and what their favourite themes are.

Websites and media

Brickset was launched in 1997 to keep track of LEGO® sets that were appearing at that time. It has expanded considerably and is now the primary reference on LEGO® sets on the internet.
Bricklink is an online marketplace where you can buy bulk bricks and elements.
Rebrickable will show you which LEGO® sets you can build from the sets and parts you already own. You can choose from official LEGO® sets or custom made MOCs by many different designers.
Brickfan started in 2012 as a vehicle to post pictures of LEGO®. Somehow that concept evolved and the site gradually became a LEGO® news site in conjunction with a review site.
A place for LEGO® art, artists and all things LEGO®. Bricknerd believes LEGO® bricks are an art medium as well as a beloved toy, and celebrate the art and artist that create it.
The Brothers Brick is a LEGO® blog for adult fans of LEGO. They highlight the best LEGO® creations of every type from builders around the world.
Eurobricks is a LEGO® blog featuring reviews and amazing MOCs. It also has a thriving online discussion forum.
HispaBrick Magazine is a free and open magazine in Spanish and English on the building with LEGO® pieces.
Studio is a digital design program for designing LEGO® models.
New Elementary aims to save you the trouble of checking long lists of new elements and doing the cross-referencing of availability.