Bricktastic Exhibition – April 2019

On 20 April 2019, CapeLUG members and visiting zaLUG members displayed some of the best LEGO® sets of today and yesteryear, custom

Bricktastic Exhibition – April 20192019-05-14T19:19:24+02:00

March 2019 Meeting

At the March Meeting the MOC theme was CMF Habitat/ Vignette. Builders were asked to create a scene on a 16x16 plate,

March 2019 Meeting2019-05-14T18:09:09+02:00

Seaside Village exhibition

On 9 February 2019 CapeLUG members exhibited at the Seaside Village Shopping Centre in Big Bay. On display was a custom city,

Seaside Village exhibition2019-04-10T18:08:19+02:00

End of year function

To end off the year CapeLUG members and their families gathered at Signal Gun wineries for a James Bond 007-themed party. Attendees

End of year function2019-01-07T20:49:48+02:00

October and November exhibitions

On 6 October and 24 November, CapeLUG members exhibited their sets and creations at Willowbridge Shopping Centre. On display were an Elves

October and November exhibitions2019-01-07T20:07:53+02:00

Brickfair 2018

CapeLUG was invited to join zaLUG at Brick Fair on 27-28 October 2018. Brick Fair is the largest LEGO® exhibition in South

Brickfair 20182019-01-07T20:22:27+02:00

September meeting

In celebration of Spring Day, the September MOC theme was spring. Pierrie’s Weskus Willy, depicting the beautiful flowers at West Coast National

September meeting2019-01-07T19:59:12+02:00

July meeting

At our July meeting guest speaker Pierrie de Vos gave an entertaining talk on his LEGO® photography and once-in-a-lifetime trip to attend

July meeting2019-01-07T20:09:41+02:00

May meeting

Our May meeting included another enthralling game, and lots of trade. For the MOC competition, members were asked to recreate a scene,

May meeting2018-07-25T20:11:38+02:00

CapeLUG and zaLUG co-exhibition

Over the weekend of 28 & 29 April we held our first exhibition for 2018 at Willowbridge Shopping Centre, hosted by Kiddiwinks.

CapeLUG and zaLUG co-exhibition2018-05-26T10:28:01+02:00